Our Charter

Who We Are

The Wellness Coalition is a coalition of Wellness Businesses, whose common mission is to provide preventive healthcare to our community in the form of fitness, wellness, and health related products and services.


To take a leadership role in guiding our community through the pandemic by committing to providing uninterrupted services and products that lead to greater physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Our Why

As preventive healthcare and wellness professionals, we understand the critical need to cultivate a healthy immune response to the virus and to keep our bodies and minds strong. While the best defense is to avoid contracting the virus, this is not always possible.  Wellness services are therefore essential to help fortify or prevent underlying conditions, educate the public, and improve mental health in order to support individuals in being less vulnerable to the potentially lethal effects of the virus.  As such, we feel an ethical responsibility to remain open and to safely and responsibly keep our services available to support our community members for the duration of this pandemic.

What Qualifies Us To Lead

We cannot expect or demand that our government and/or public health authorities lead us when it comes to Preventive Healthcare in the form of strengthening our bodies, lungs and immune systems, and when it comes to being in charge of our own physical and mental health. This is not the expertise, domain, responsibility or passion of public authorities — but it is ours — and so we are called to lead.

Essential Frontline Preventive Healthcare

The need for frontline healthcare workers — once an individual is already sick — is an obvious and  accepted priority. The intention and aim of this Coalition is to promote general acceptance of what should be an equally obvious priority: the need for Preventive Healthcare workers is essential.

Common Sense Prioritization

As personal care services such as hair & nail salons, massage, and tattoo parlors remain open, and at a time when department stores, hardware stores, and liquor stores remain open — there is no common sense in limiting access to Wellness Businesses.  At precisely the moment when individuals need greater physical and mental health to face the dangers at hand, it is irresponsible to limit access to the businesses here to help.

Open For Good

We recognize that in this difficult time there are no perfect answers.  There is a cost associated with the choices we make — no matter the choice.  Data & Research* reveal transmission rates at wellness businesses are extremely low.  We believe the human, social, and economic costs associated with limiting access to our businesses are far greater than any perceived, theoretical cost, of keeping them open.

Our Commitment

1. Stay Open for Good

We, as a coalition, commit to responsibly keeping our businesses  open and available to members of our community, for the duration of the pandemic. 

2. Stay Sanitized & Safe

We, as a coalition, commit to adhering to CDC protocols and guidelines, to keep our community safe and prevent the spread of viruses.

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*Data & Research

Gyms are not a hotspot for COVID-19: Industry challenges recent commentary

More than 6.26 million check-ins across 423 NSW gyms in 2 months and no recorded transmission